By: guilherme augusto user 03 Sep 2021 at 8:26 a.m. CDT

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I try follow the documentantion but the link is broken How can I procced ? I am trying to download the project from and create from docker file on folder /oxd-server but shows a error on build Sending build context to Docker daemon 1.31MB Step 1/8 : FROM openjdk:8-jre ---> 4c45f8d078ff Step 2/8 : LABEL maintainer="Michal Kepkowski" ---> Using cache ---> 6666defb3a84 Step 3/8 : COPY target/oxd-server.jar /oxd-server.jar COPY failed: file not found in build context or excluded by .dockerignore: stat target/oxd-server.jar: file does not exist

By Mohib Zico staff 03 Sep 2021 at 8:57 a.m. CDT

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Hi Guilherme, Can you try microk8s version?

By guilherme augusto user 03 Sep 2021 at 1:13 p.m. CDT

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Thanks for help, I did it with a vm using ubuntu 16 and odx-server 3.1.4