By: Johann Hoermann user 22 Aug 2022 at 1:25 p.m. CDT

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Hello, i try to have fun working thru your book __Schwartz/Machulak: Securing the Perimeter, Apress 2018__. Up to now i am in Chapter 5 OpenID Connect on page 189 **Client Registration** This is how i did setup the client: OPENID CONNECT CLIENTS DETAILS ------------------------------ - **Name:** mod_auth_openidc - **Client ID:** 0cc96639-c9d8-4bc9-b30c-7ca58d6788c9 - **Subject Type:** public - **ClientSecret:** XXXXXXXXXXX - **Application Type:** web - **Persist Client Authorizations:** true - **Pre-Authorization:** true - **Authentication method for the Token Endpoint:** client_secret_basic - **Logout Session Required:** false - **Include Claims In Id Token:** false - **Disabled:** false - **Login Redirect URIs:** [] - **Scopes:** [profile, openid, email] - **Response types:** [code] **Configuring the Apache VirtualHost**, the VirtualHost section has [that]( "that") content. When i call the printHeaders-Example, it does not redirect to a authentication page. Instead it shows the page ``` profile email&client_id=0cc96639-c9d8-4bc9-b30c-7ca58d6788c9&state=[-snip-] ``` with the error > unsupported_response_type The complete text is [here]( "here") Hey, i did set the Response_Type **code** at both sides: at the clients response types and at the apache-variable OIDCResponseType The clients apache2 error.log stays empty. oxauth.log gives a HTTP 400 Bad Request - see [http400]( "http400") Is there any typo in the configs which leads to this error message? I think i implemented the books description correctly. Any hint is very much appreciated, Johann

By Mobarak Hosen Shakil staff 22 Aug 2022 at 9 p.m. CDT

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I see `Grant Types` config is missing. Please allow `Grant Types` as `authorization code` at the `OpenID Connect` Client configuration. Regards ~ Shakil

By Johann Hoermann user 23 Aug 2022 at 2:21 p.m. CDT

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Ok, i added the Grant Type and made a note into my book at page 190. Grant Types: authorization_code. Meanwhile i found your doc at which contains the information **Grant Types: authorization_code**. Now it's working! I get a Login Page and i see the Env Vars after successful login. Thank You for your help Shakil, Regards, Johann