By: Praveen Srinivasan user 24 Jan 2023 at 1:45 a.m. CST

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Hi Team, I am using GLUU and need to respond additional parameters as part of auth response. Currently GLUU is responding with below parameters as auth response to callback URL. ``` code: <code> scope: &lt;scope&gt; state: &lt;state&gt; session_state: &lt;session_state&gt; sid: &lt;sid&gt; ``` I need to pass additional field as part of auth request and need the same value to be responded in auth response. (e.g) Request will be having c`ustomParam1=asdf` as value And the Response also should have `customParam1=asdf` in response. Trying to check whether is there any custom authenticaiton script but no luck. Tried to enable custom params in oxauth config but it only allows to add custom params in request. But the value is not responded back. Is there a way to add / get customParams as part of auth response to callback URL?</code>