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I am trying to set up sync between my AD LDAP server and the Gluu server. However, the cache refresh doesn't seem to trigger and the last run value never updates. ## Expected Behavior Cache refresh runs and the relevant user information/attributes from Active Directory get synchronized with Gluu's LDAP. ## Actual Behavior Nothing happens and the last run, updates at last run and problems at last fields remain empty. ## My configuration Here are the links to my cache refresh configuration for reference. ![Cache Refresh]( ![Customer Backend Key/Attributes]( ![InumDB Server]( ![Source Backend LDAP Server]( ## Attempted Solutions/ Research 1. Checked all the logs and found nothing unusual. 2. Ensured that I was able to connect to the AD LDAP server from the Gluu server using ldapsearch so I know that it's not a network issue and that the credentials for the bind DN are correct. 3. Re-built the Gluu server(Suggested on the forum for a similar issue). Sadly, this didn't help. 4. Set the log level to DEBUG and checked again to find that the oxtrust_cache_refresh.log had a message saying - `( - This server isn't master Cache Refresh server` However, I double checked and the server IP configured matches the Gluu server's IP where the identity and oxauth service are running. 5. Checked Gluu's internal configuration (from LDAP and everything there seems in-line with what's on the UI as well). Sample below for reference: ``` dn: ou=configuration,o=gluu gluuFederationHostingEnabled: disabled gluuHTTPstatus: false gluuHostname: <redacted> gluuLastUpdate: 20210222064508.931Z gluuManageIdentityPermission: true gluuMaxLogSize: 200 gluuOrgProfileMgt: true gluuPassportEnabled: true gluuRadiusEnabled: true gluuSamlEnabled: true gluuScimEnabled: false gluuSslExpiry: 283 gluuVdsCacheRefreshEnabled: true gluuVdsCacheRefreshPollingInterval: 5 gluuWhitePagesEnabled: disabled objectClass: gluuConfiguration objectClass: top ou: configuration oxAuthenticationMode: simple_password_auth ``` At this point I'm out of ideas on how to debug the problem and am currently going through the Java code on github to figure out what might possibly be going wrong. Any help would be most appreciated. ~Puneet Edit1: Fixed image links. Edit2: Removed server name.

By Puneet Reddy user 22 Feb 2021 at 6:50 a.m. CST

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Figured it out. The cache refresh configuration expects the inet addr in the IP Address field and not the public IP of the gluu server. It may be a good idea to add that in the documentation somewhere to avoid confusion in the future. ~Puneet