By: Cory Carter user 30 Apr 2020 at 1:05 p.m. CDT

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We’re unable to point GLUU's Identity using the exploded war on our RedHat OS using the documentation from GLUU ( Attached is the code we’ve added to identity_web_resources.xml (which is a copy/paste from the GLUU documentation): <Configure class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ContextHandler"> <Set name="contextPath">/identity/ext/resources</Set> <Set name="handler"> <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.handler.ResourceHandler"> <Set name="resourceBase">/opt/gluu/jetty/identity/custom/static</Set> <Set name="directoriesListed">false</Set> </New> </Set> </Configure> <Configure class="org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext"> <Set name="contextPath">/identity</Set> <Set name="war"> <Property name="jetty.webapps" default="." />/identity/ </Set> </Configure> However, we’ve tested these exact same changes on same version using Ubuntu 18.04 and it works as expected. Can you please advise? Thanks, Cory

By Michael Schwartz staff 30 Apr 2020 at 1:31 p.m. CDT

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You don't have a support contract with Gluu.