By: Bryan Sumon user 25 Mar 2021 at 10:10 a.m. CDT

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I got a business issue about localization and translated wording in my custom template. I know that the localization use the browser language to display the right wording but do we have a way in Gluu to set the localization with a given request parameter. Form example : {gluu-host}/{login-page}?lang=fr {gluu-host}/{login-page}?lang=nl or {gluu-host}/{login-page}?lang=en The aim here is to use lang parameter to have translated wording in the right language instead of the browser language.

By Aliaksandr Samuseu staff 25 Mar 2021 at 4:42 p.m. CDT

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Hi, Bryan. I wonder, that could be a useful feature, perhaps, what do you think, @Thomas Gasmyr.Mougang ? If we don't support this, may be it's worth to put it at Github as a feature request? Or is there a better solution that's already implemented?

By Michael Schwartz Account Admin 04 Apr 2021 at 8:07 p.m. CDT

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I think you'd want to send this param in the redirect to the authorization request. Then you can set this variable in the context. Remember the pages are JSF, so if you read the variable from the JSF, you could then load the right resources, like css and text. So it's definitely possible, but requires a little know-how about how to write interception scripts. I'm going to close the issue because this is a little too involved for community support. What I'd suggest is to check out some of the [other Person Authn interception scripts]( and [pages]( and read the [docs]( about scripting.

By Bryan Sumon user 08 Apr 2021 at 6:02 a.m. CDT

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Tkanks for your response. I appreciated our exchanges. Have a nice day.