By: Phill Ogden user 08 Jun 2022 at 10:53 p.m. CDT

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Hi all, I'm attempting to automate the install and configuration of Gluu Community Edition (VM Mode) of my product. I've installed the chroot container and Gluu comes up with my certificates. Now I need to automate the configuration and creation of users for integration with my system. Reading documentation on APIs, and I can't seem to find a method of gaining API access to configure the system without manually logging into the UI and enabling test modes and creating users and writing down client IDs. This obviously breaks the point of full automation. I have found the UMA API documentation, but it is very poorly documented and I have been unable to obtain an access token at all. Is there better UMA documentation and examples so I can work this out? Is there actually a way I can fully automate the configuration of my Gluu instance?

By Phill Ogden user 09 Jun 2022 at 11:57 p.m. CDT

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Ok. I have managed to install the oxtrust api's by: * Downgrading to 4.3 Gluu (There is no oxtrust-api-server jar file for 4.4.0-Final) * fixing the '' script in /install/community-edition-setup/ so it doesn't attempt to install Gluu again on a system already installed. I now have the oxAuthClientId and oxAuthClientPassword to attempt to get an UMA token with, but it is now returning 403 "forbidden by policy" Any ideas for next steps on getting the UMA token so I can finalize automating our Gluu configuration?