By: Michael Evanson user 07 Apr 2015 at 1:23 p.m. CDT

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I have followed along with this ticket here: After running the changes in the deployment site I no longer got any errors for the yum install. However running service gluu-server start did not do anything. I also ran the install via the rpm and that did not allow service gluu-server start to work. I did notice that the rpm install left an rpmbuild/SOURCES dir that contained two files. gluu-server and gluu-server.tar.gz the gluu-server in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES I noticed was the actual init script. I moved that into /etc/init.d and I could now run the command service gluu-server start. It failed out saying it did not have any of the mountpoints in /home/gluu-server I cd'd into /home/ then ran tar xvzf /root/rpmbuild/SOURCES/gluu-server.tar.gz after this I was able to then start the gluu-server and login and also run The browser reports a 500 error after the completion of I hope this helps find out more of the errors on the install scripts of gluu looking into the 500 error I found this in the /opt/apache-tomcat-7.0.55/logs/wrapper.log: FATAL | wrapper | 2015/04/07 18:15:22 | ERROR: Could not write pid file /var/run// Permission denied