By: Lars Van Casteren user 04 Apr 2019 at 4:38 a.m. CDT

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Some pointers for anyone trying Gluu DE on Docker & Windows. I'm using Docker CE for Windows Desktop on Windows Server 2019 (with some hacks to have it autostart after a reboot) because Docker EE for Windows at this point has still too many issues to be really usable in a repeatable / automated manner. - Registrator Docker socket mount needs an additional slash. - The needs to be rewritten for it to work in Windows so I created a poc .cmd approach. Directory or file binds do not work the same in Windows as they do in Linux, it's impossible to mount a single file like it's done for the Vault role & secret into /etc/certs/ so that's a problem. A workaround I'm using is to start the environment with docker-compose up followed by some docker exec commands to copy the role & secret after the vault is initialized & unsealed in each container /etc/certs/ location. As they all wait for the role & secret this approach works. An additional workaround for gluu-config is to spawn it to the background from the .cmd followed by the same docker exec copy of the role & secret in /etc/certs. Once gluu-config sees the role & secret it will start with the command (generate, load or dump) and after that it's pretty much the same. Gr, L

By Michael Schwartz staff 08 Apr 2019 at 8:07 p.m. CDT

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Thanks for the feedback Lars. Everyone should also keep in mind that Docker Edition is licensed under the GLUU-SUPPORT license, which requires an active support contract with either Gluu or an OEM partner for use > 30 days.