By: volga629 it user 28 Nov 2019 at 12:42 p.m. CST

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Gluu gateway initial installation is failing Version ``` [root@dev1-gluu-gateway setup]# rpm -qa | grep gluu gluu-gateway-4.0-centos7.noarch ``` ``` Configuring metrics plugin... Installing konga node packages... Creating OXD OP client for Gluu Gateway GUI used to call oxd-server endpoints... Error: Failed Not Ok Endpoint: Payload {'redirect_uris': ['https://localhost:1338'], 'client_name': 'KONGA_GG_UI_CLIENT', 'grant_types': ['authorization_code', 'client_credentials'], 'post_logout_redirect_uris': ['https://localhost:1338'], 'scope': ['openid', 'oxd', 'permission'], 'op_host': ''} Response <Response [500]> Response_Json {u'reason': None, u'error_description': u'OP does not support dynamic client registration. Please register client manually and provide client_id and client_secret to register_site command.', u'details': None, u'error': u'invalid_request'} Please check logs. Installation failed. See: gluu-gateway-setup.log gluu-gateway-setup_error.log for more details. ``` The following options is enabled ``` add_client_credentials_grant_type_automatically_during_client_registration: true ```

By Meghna Joshi staff 29 Nov 2019 at 1:58 a.m. CST

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Hi Volga, Your client registration facility is disabled at your Gluu CE side. You need to enable it in order to create dynamic client. To enable this feature in oxTrust(Gluu CE GUI), navigate to `Configuration > JSON Configuration > oxAuth configuration`, and find the `dynamicRegistrationEnabled` property. Set it to true to enable dynamic client registration. For more info, please check Gluu CE docs here Thanks, Meghna