By: Franco Nogarin user 10 Dec 2019 at 12:57 p.m. CST

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When I run the install script following these instructions: It ends prematurely with: ` Continue with the above settings? [Y/n]y # ================================================================================== # # Gluu License Agreement: # # The use of Gluu Server Enterprise Edition is subject to the Gluu Support License. # # ================================================================================== # WARNING - entrypoint - 2019-12-10 18:42:06,829 - Unable to find /app/db/config.json or /app/db/secret.json INFO - entrypoint - 2019-12-10 18:42:06,829 - Loading parameters from /app/db/generate.json ERROR - entrypoint - 2019-12-10 18:42:06,840 - Unable to load generate parameters; reason={u'admin_pw': ['Password must be at least 6 characters and include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit, and one special character.']} Aborted! **** `

By Aliaksandr Samuseu staff 10 Dec 2019 at 1:15 p.m. CST

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Hi, Franco. Did you feed it a not so strong password previously, and now it won't give you an opportunity to re-input it on next attempts? I believe I met this issue myself recently.

By Franco Nogarin user 10 Dec 2019 at 1:36 p.m. CST

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Hi Aliaksandr, no but thank you for responding. This was a clean install with no prior elements, the password I entered was strong, with numbers letters and punctuation.

By Franco Nogarin user 10 Dec 2019 at 1:38 p.m. CST

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Perhaps I am doing it totally wrong. I start by downloading the zip, I unzip the zip, I make the script executable then execute it.

By Franco Nogarin user 10 Dec 2019 at 2:40 p.m. CST

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I just started over from scratch, I downloaded the zip and unzipped it. I configured the options as per the instructions including setting persistence to ldap I run the script and it fails as I described. there is now a docker STACK called single-host with two containers: consul and vault both running but neither with published ports. looking at the logs of each: Vault: ``` 2019-12-10T20:34:15.259Z [INFO] identity: groups restored 2019-12-10T20:34:15.259Z [INFO] core: post-unseal setup complete 2019-12-10T20:34:15.259Z [INFO] core: starting listener: listener_address= 2019-12-10T20:34:15.260Z [INFO] core: serving cluster requests: cluster_listen_address=[::]:8201 2019-12-10T20:34:21.256Z [INFO] core: enabled credential backend: path=approle/ type=approle ``` and consul: ``` ==> Consul agent running! 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [WARN] raft: Heartbeat timeout from "" reached, starting election 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] raft: Node at [Candidate] entering Candidate state in term 2 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] raft: Election won. Tally: 1 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] raft: Node at [Leader] entering Leader state 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] consul: cluster leadership acquired 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] consul: New leader elected: consul-1 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] agent: Synced node info 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] consul: member 'consul-1' joined, marking health alive 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] agent: Synced service "vault:" 2019/12/10 20:33:58 [INFO] agent: Synced check "vault:" 2019/12/10 20:34:15 [INFO] agent: Synced check "vault:" 2019/12/10 20:34:15 [INFO] agent: Synced service "vault:" 2019/12/10 20:34:15 [INFO] agent: Synced check "vault:" ```

By Mohammad Abudayyeh staff 10 Dec 2019 at 11:33 p.m. CST

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Hi Franco, Your password doesn't meet requirements. It has to have One uppercase, one lowercase, one special char, and one number with a total of 6 chars. Example : `Test3r123$` Run `bash down` Remove directory and restart your steps using a password with format above. We will be adding this to our new installation scripts which won't allow you to continue unless the password meets our standards. Installation from there should run to completion after finishing the prompts. Best

By Franco Nogarin user 11 Dec 2019 at 9:51 a.m. CST

Franco Nogarin gravatar
Thanks Mohammad !!! That was indeed the roadblock!, I have the system working now, thank you very much! Franco

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