By: Sathish Kumar S . user 01 Apr 2019 at 2:41 a.m. CDT

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I am using GLUU 3.1.4 version. I am trying to call end_session api without session_id/id_token_hint. [GLUU Logout]( says, *idtokenhint and sessionid parameters are optional. Therefore OP will end session successfully if these parameters are missed. However from other side if RP included them in request OP validates them and if any of those are invalid OP returns 400 (Bad Request) http code.* I need to disable the validation and need to redirect to the post_logout_redirect_uri. Is there any way to perform logout redirect without validation in GLUU 3.1.4?

By Michael Schwartz Account Admin 01 Apr 2019 at 4:18 a.m. CDT

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You might have to read [the 3.1.4 branch]( code to get your answer. There have been some changes to logout in version 3.1.5 and 3.1.6, so the support team would have to dig into this, which is a little too involved for community support.