By: SSL Labs user 07 Oct 2020 at 1:59 p.m. CDT

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I did a fresh installation of Gluu 4.2 server. I am going to use it as an openID Provider. Hence, I will use Dynamic User Registration. I wrote a php script that is supposed to register a user: ``` ... $post_fields = array( 'redirect_uris'=>[''], 'grant_types'=>['authorization_code'], 'application_type'=>'web', 'client_name'=>'Joe Doe' ); ... ``` And I get a valid response ``` { "allow_spontaneous_scopes": false, "application_type": "web", "rpt_as_jwt": false, "registration_client_uri": "", "tls_client_auth_subject_dn": "", "registration_access_token": "5e458b4f-520f-4567-b891-8dca773921c3", "client_id": "0b935b5d-70ba-4d77-9d2e-d7ace723b8fa", "token_endpoint_auth_method": "client_secret_basic", "scope": "openid permission super_gluu_ro_session oxd uma_protection offline_access", "run_introspection_script_before_access_token_as_jwt_creation_and_include_claims": false, "client_secret": "407a8b4f-d9d2-4168-8ab3-2b8a7746471a", "client_id_issued_at": 1602096771, "backchannel_logout_uri": [], "backchannel_logout_session_required": false, "client_name": "Joe Doe", "spontaneous_scopes": [], "id_token_signed_response_alg": "RS256", "access_token_as_jwt": false, "grant_types": [ "authorization_code", "refresh_token" ], "subject_type": "pairwise", "keep_client_authorization_after_expiration": false, "redirect_uris": [""], "additional_audience": [], "frontchannel_logout_uri": [], "frontchannel_logout_session_required": false, "client_secret_expires_at": 0, "require_auth_time": false, "access_token_signing_alg": "RS256", "response_types": ["code"] } ``` but when I go to the Gluu server I can see **no users registered**. In fact when I click on the main menu Open ID Connect > Clients the Gluu server redirects me to the Gluu homepage with a message *Failed to find clients* Hence, I can't actually even add manually a client, as I am not able to even access the Open ID Clients page Any ideas? Here is a screenshot: I click [here]( and all I get is [this ](

By SSL Labs user 08 Oct 2020 at 9:49 a.m. CDT

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I reinstalled GLUU 4.2 and everything is working now.